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Is Online CBT for me?

  • Your budget is limited but you still require effective therapy
  • You want to start quickly – at home, in the office, on the go!
  • Your busy schedule means that you would prefer to work at your own pace
  • You want a solution built on proven effective interventions
  • Being treated from home really suits you

Efficacy’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) online therapy is designed to get you better, offering real therapy, with real results. Studies demonstrating the most effective online CBT therapy are programs supported with a mental health expert.  This means you have a friendly professional to talk to and guide you through the process rather than working through a program unguided.

With 24/7 remote (online) access you can complete therapy at your pace, reflecting your schedule, when you need it, for the duration you want.  The program is supported by a trained mental health expert that stays with you in the whole process.

As Clare, a person that completed the programme, put it “What helped here was that I did it when I wanted to, not at a fixed appointment in my week.  It meant that I was in the right frame of mind to make sense of it all – when I needed it.”

The Online CBT program is designed to help people with psychological difficulties related to mood, anxiety and stress. An individualised program will be designed to your needs.  Specific modules can be ‘switched on’ for difficulties related to sleep, worry, occupational stress, low-self-esteem, etc.

Not all difficulties are right for online CBT.  We want to make sure it is right for you and also the right time.  About 90% of people progress past the initial assessment. The first contact with the therapist is about assessing if it is suitable for you.  If it is thought not to be the best solution at the present time then we will tell you why.  Importantly, as health care professionals we have a duty to also tell you what else might be available to you.  We will also describe how to access these services.  If you, or your organisation, had paid for the program in advance then an immediate refund will be given.



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"I shall always be extremely grateful to my therapist at Efficacy for helping me overcome the depression and anxiety that I had suffered from for many years and that had affected my ability to work and enjoy myself..."

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