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Why we are different


“I am a 39 year old Doctor.  Before I met Lee Grant I was at the brink of loosing everything I had ever worked for all my life.  In fact life was so bleak for so many years with an even worse outlook that I was going to end my own life.
When I first met Lee I disagreed with everything he said and, did not think anyone could do anything for me. I could not be more wrong. He correctly diagnosed my condition, helped me see things the way they were and worked tirelessly to cure me. I don’t think I was an easy client for him as I had already very strong opinions about who I was, what I thought and why I did things. He helped me know things about myself I never knew and see it all so clearly. With his support and guidance I did the impossible and overcame all my problems. Looking back I honestly do not know where I would be now if I hadn’t met him last year.
Lee is friendly, compassionate, warm, knowledgeable, sharp, has a deep understanding of people, their behaviour and cultural differences. He is able to connect to his clients easily and tailor makes the treatment to suit each individual’s needs.  What he has done for me is priceless. He has given me back my life and my career. I can not recommend him more.”  General Practitioner

“I shall always be extremely grateful to my therapist at Efficacy for helping me overcome the depression and anxiety that I had suffered from for many years and that had affected my ability to work and enjoy myself. I feel like I have got my life back, thanks to the systematic, practical and compassionate support I received. CBT has given me the tools to identify, monitor and most importantly, challenge the negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs that were often capable of bringing my life to a complete standstill. I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you, it feels great to be alive again”. Barrister

“Having suffered from eating disorders for a number of years, I was a little apprehensive about the effectiveness of something like CBT to tackle my problems. I’m happy to say though, that with the help of my therapist at Efficacy I managed to not only tackle the eating disorders but to make a lot of other hugely positive changes. CBT was certainly a challenge, but one which has made me much happier, much more positive and thankfully free of the symptoms that had previously controlled my life” Journalist

“When I first came to Efficacy in September 2006, I had been suffering from quite severe levels of depression and anxiety, and had very low self-esteem, and was taking a low dosage of anti-depressant medication. I was trapped in a spiral of negative thinking, and was reinforcing negative beliefs about myself, which led to high levels of anxiety on a daily basis. Through learning the basic principles of CBT with Jane at Efficacy, and applying these as often as possible in my day-to-day life, I gradually began to break these negative thought patterns and apply rational thought processes to the anxieties I was feeling. I have now been off anti-depressant medication for many months and am able to apply the principles I learnt at Efficacy to any difficulties that I face in life. It was without doubt the biggest contributing factor in my recovery from depression and anxiety”. Journalist

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your help – I know it is your job but you do it so well and with such compassion. I feel like you have saved my life which I know sounds dramatic but at least the life I used to live before that dark cloud came over me a few years ago. I will no doubt still get myself into pickles but at least I have the tools to be my own therapist now”. D.L

“College Health has been working in partnership with Efficacy, its Directors and Business Manager for some time now, finding solutions to combining their expertise with ours, which is primary care.

We have found Efficacy to be extremely experienced in working to develop a partnership approach to improving the well-being of benefactors of our services. Efficacy has embraced the challenges of a small organisation, and has taken steps to prove it has a much wider presence and importance in promoting CBT and related therapies through its knowledge and experience.

College Health has enjoyed working with Efficacy and will continue to seek joint opportunities together because together we value each others commitment to the patient/client centred approach”.

Dr Renuka Fernando & Dr Protichi Mallik

Directors of College Health Ltd

October 2009



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"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help - I know it is your job but you do it so well and with such compassion. I feel like you have saved my life..."

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