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Clinical Effectiveness

At the heart of evidence-based interventions is the influence of positive clinical outcomes. With this in mind, we continually evaluate our interventions for their clinical efficacy and effectiveness.  Efficacy’s CBT online therapy program designed to get you better, offering real therapy, with real results.

CBT is the treatment of choice for anxiety and depression, and NICE guidance recommends online CBT therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression. The program philosophy is rooted in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT is based on innovation and is constantly evolving and reflecting the latest research.

Integrated into the program, every client plots their progress. This provides an individual picture about improvement. If this is not meeting expected bench marks then review sessions will help to get this back on track.  The measures we use are standardized mental health measures.  They are statistically sensitive and are reliable indicators of emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Our continuous research allows us to also use qualitative approaches. This helps to simulate individual experiences and to help build a picture of people’s thoughts, feels and behaviours. Insight gained from this can contribute to the development and improvement of evidence-based practices and also feedback into the future development and delivery of online delivered interventions.

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"I shall always be extremely grateful to my therapist at Efficacy for helping me overcome the depression and anxiety that I had suffered from for many years and that had affected my ability to work and enjoy myself..."

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