Stress is one of the most prevalent psychological disorders in the UK and 40% of all work illnesses are attributed to stress related disorders. At Efficacy we acknowledge that although stress is a very common factor in peoples’ lives, it is also a very diverse and serious issue.

We use evidence based therapy and explore the root cause of peoples stress issues. We then subsequently help with adaptation, triggers and management.

Efficacy’s therapists possess the accreditations and qualifications to assist with stress management and cognitive behaviour. We are therefore the perfect option for high quality therapy.

Common features and effects

Common symptoms and features associated with stress.
Lack of motivation or focus
Social ineptitude
Sleep disorders

Treatment options

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is an evidence based solution that will improve negative thought patterns and dealing with events. CBT has an empirically proven evidence base that reveals it is as effective as medicine for stress management.
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"I feel like I have got my life back, thanks to the systematic, practical and compassionate support I received. Thank you, it feels great to be alive again..."

"It was without doubt the biggest contributing factor in my recovery from depression and anxiety..."

"The help of my therapist at Efficacy I managed to not only tackle the eating disorders but to make a lot of other hugely positive changes..."

"“Efficacy provides responsive, accessible and high quality care for our practitioner-patients. The therapists are of a high quality and experienced. Together we have developed a strong working relationship with excellent results for our practitioners”. Lucy Warner, Chief Executive, PHP. "

Definition of Efficacy

Efficacious adj. capable of or successful in producing an intended result; effective. [C16: form L efficax powerful, efficient, from efficere to achieve] –efficacy or, efficaciousness n.

(Collins Concise Dictionary)

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