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Couples Therapy

During couples therapy you will learn to look at both parties’ thoughts and beliefs and to understand the link to your behaviours towards each other. This in turn helps to assess moods and physical reactions.

Initially, your therapist may help you complete a list of your problem (s) that you want to address. Alongside this, you will also develop realistic goals you would like to achieve, these are flexible and constantly under review.

Common problems associated with couples include: 

  • Status and relationship perception (see relationship problems)
  • Sexual problems (see sexual problems)
  • Negative emotional states (like hopelessness, shame or guilt).
  • Unhelpful behaviours (e.g. avoidance or substance use);
  • Life events (such as consequences from assaults or redundancy).

Clients take an active part in therapy and you any be asked to carry out “homework” between sessions; this could be completing a thought diary or completing a task to test rules and assumptions that might be maintaining your problem.

Therapy can be weekly but will always be tailored to your needs in collaboration with your therapists; sessions are typically 150 pounds a session and 160 pounds after 4.30pm.



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"I shall always be extremely grateful to my therapist at Efficacy for helping me overcome the depression and anxiety that I had suffered from for many years and that had affected my ability to work and enjoy myself..."

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