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How Online CBT Therapy Works

Starting with an initial phone call, your therapist designs a modular program for you to work through at your pace. That same supporter regularly reviews your progress and offers feedback, encouragement and guidance over a period of 6-12 weeks.  The key to successful outcomes are those crucial six support sessions provided over the telephone, Skype, Email – It’s these six touchpoints that give online CBT its evidence base.

  1. Introductory and suitability telephone call with your supporter
  2. Live and confidential link sent to your chosen email, just for you
  3. You start work on your program
  4. Six support sessions over the next 6-12 weeks with your supporter
  5. You keep one year’s access

At the supporting-end we ensure that you are receiving the specifically chosen evidence-based interventions that are bespoke to your needs.  Starting with an initial phone call, your supporter designs a modular programme for you to work through at your pace. So videos, exercise, reading materials are switched on or off to fit your relevant needs.   The program complements traditional therapeutic approaches, and enables our mental health professionals new ways of working with people experiencing emotional and psychological difficulties.

Technology & Mental Health

Online therapy of the past has been troubled by issues with engagement from clients, resulting in less than desirable clinical outcomes. However, in the last few years it has become increasingly apparent that with the addition of support from a therapist, results in online CBT have dramatically improved. The presence of a therapist increases motivation and the sense of achievement in online CBT, resulting in greater clinical success and making online CBT a viable alternative for those who cannot commit to face-to-face therapy.



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"I shall always be extremely grateful to my therapist at Efficacy for helping me overcome the depression and anxiety that I had suffered from for many years and that had affected my ability to work and enjoy myself..."

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